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Gigi's Training and Education
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I'm Sick? When to cancel...
Payment Options & Gift Certificates


note: prices do not include applicable sales tax (7.125%). Only clients with a valid referral from a health care provider (i.e. Physician, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, Therapist, etc.) are exempt from sales tax.

Prices, effective 1/1/17
I work with soft-tissues issues that can cause chronic pain; with my specialized education and understanding of anatomy, I will help you to understand many of the reasons behind your pain and discomfort. Therefore, my sessions include approximately 15+ minutes of consultation/evaluation, health education, medically-oriented session notes, over and above the hands-on time. My assessment skills, education, and the specificity of my work is what sets me apart from most other massage practitioners and helps me get better results (usually).

Session prices (“cash” price, same-day-pay) are based on $70 for the first hour of my time (minimum 30 minutes hands-on) + $20 each additional 30 minutes of hands-on work. Insurance does not currently cover my sessions, but I will do what I can to help you get reimbursement. I accept cash, check, and most credit cards.

“30 minute session” = guaranteed minimum 30 minutes hands-on; you might be surprised at just how much can be accomplished in 30 minutes. Your best chance for a same-day appointment is this option. Most appointments for children should sign up for this time-slot. Plan for approximately 60 minutes in the office to accommodate health history and fascia assessments, un-/dressing, changing of linens, etc. 30 minutes is enough time to focus on 1 to 3 areas of concern. $70 + tax

“60 minute session” = guaranteed minimum 60 minutes hands-on. Plan for approximately 90 minutes in the office to accommodate health history and fascia assessments, un-/dressing, changing of linens, etc, 60 minutes is enough time to focus on 2 to 4 areas of concern, or do a basic full-body Swedish massage. $90 + tax

“75 minute session, MOST POPULAR” = guaranteed minimum 75 minutes hands-on. Plan for approximately 105 minutes in the office to accommodate health history and fascia assessments, un-/dressing, changing of linens, etc 75 minutes is enough time to focus on 3 to 5 areas of concern, or a full-body Swedish massage with extra work to 1 area. $100 + tax

“90 minute session” = guaranteed minimum 90 minutes hands-on. Plan for approximately 2 hours in the office to accommodate health history and fascia assessments, un-/dressing, changing of linens, etc. 90 minutes is enough time to focus on 4 to 6 areas of concern, or a full-body Swedish massage with extra work to a few areas. $110 + tax

“120 minute session” = formerly known as the "Ultimate New Body", guaranteed minimum 120 minutes (2 hours) hands-on. Plan for approximately 2.5 hours in the office to accommodate health history and fascia assessments, un-/dressing, changing of linens, etc. 120 minutes is enough time to focus on 4 to 6 areas of concern and a full-body Swedish massage or full CranioSacral 10-step. $130 + tax

Kinesiotaping (cutting, trimming, skin prep): $2/foot or $20 for a 16 foot roll. If the taping is not during an existing session, there may also a $10 fee for a 10 minute assessment and trigger points prior to tape application.

Special pricing for children high school age & under: $20 for the first 10 minutes + $5 for each additional 5 minutes, + tax. Why? Young tissues often respond more quickly, so full sessions are rarely needed.

Billed price = $35.00 per 15 minute increment (special arrangement only, no discounts allowed)

No extra charge:
One application of pain-relieving balm, gel, and/or foot-hydrating balm
Cozy Rice Socks/Hot Pack application
Additional bolstering with comfy bodySupport System CushionsTM
Self-help tapes/cds during your session

Cancellations require a 24 hour notice, otherwise a $35 cancellation fee may apply.  Click here for exceptions to the cancellation fee.

Sliding fee schedules available. Click here to request an informational brochure regarding the sliding fee program, or either email or call Gigi and leave your email address and/or contact information.

25% discount offered to military (current or past) personnel on 60 or 75 minute sessions. 25% discount offered to current college students on 60 or 75 minute sessions. Neither may be combined with any other discounts or coupons.

Packages of 4 sessions (60 or 75 minutes) are available! Buy 4 at once and get a $20 discount. Not eligible with other discounts or coupons. 4-packs are guaranteed for up to a year after purchase, and then convert to a credit on account after a year (also not eligible for additional discounts or coupons).

$35 for bounced/NSF checks.

Products for sale (often available at the Check-in desk of Metro-Urology for purchase as well):
Biofreeze 3oz roll-on or 4-oz spray - $12
KinesioTape 16 foot roll (includes coaching & application) - $20
Khepra Foot Balm - $8
Rice socks - $6-$8
Relaxing CDs by local musicians - $15
**All product prices include tax

If you want to jump down to the Payment Options and Gift Certificates section, click


Gigi J. Decker, NCTMB, BA
...is the owner and founder of A Sensitive Touch since 1999. She has been performing Professional Massage Therapy since 1986, and is trained in a variety of techniques including Connective Tissue Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy, KinesioTaping, Oncology Massage, Esalen, Swedish, Deep Tissue techniques, Pre-Natal massage, and techniques specifically for headaches, neckaches, and backaches. She combines these techniques with her background as a student athletic trainer, a physical therapy aide, and her BA in Holistic Health Studies in order to create a truly unique massage experience that focuses on the body's fascia. Gigi has been an instructor for two different massage therapy schools in the Twin Cities. She is available for appointments at the CornerStone Medical Specialties Centre, Tuesday through Saturdays, 8am through 3pm,
and some afternoons by arrangement. Gigi is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and is an Active, Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  For a curriculum vitae (including CEU hours), click here.

Gigi works with fascia, the connective tissue of the body which has very unique properties. It is both fibrous and semi-liquid, and both very strong yet very responsive. To see a short video of what live fascia under magnification looks like, click HERE (note: whereas you will see live tissue, there is no blood or other queasy-making body parts visible).

Deep Tissue / Connective Tissue
Deep tissue massage works the fascia and deeper muscles to release tension in the body, usually chronic tension. To make this relatively non-painful, it is done with slow, gentle strokes and concentrated pressure on the tense area to loosen tissues. Deep tissue massage can result in soreness for a day or two following the massage. For more information about fascia and Connective Tissue Massage, please see

Visceral Manipulation
Visceral Manipulation is organ specific fascial release. Whereas this sounds deep, it is very gentle work and can be done through clothing, but has profound effects. This technique releases adhesions between layers of fascia in and around organs of the abdomen, thorax and pelvis. These
adhesions, which can be from infection, injury, gravity, or surgery, can often lead to biomechanical restrictions which affect movement and function in the body. Releasing the biomechanical restrictions can improve posture, flexibility, and function. To read a brief article on this technique, click here.

CranioSacral Therapy 
This very gentle technique addresses the fascia and restrictions that can surround the brain and spinal cord, thereby affecting the entire central nervous system. It is a wonderful complement to the Visceral Manipulation and the other fascial work I do. It is especially helpful for headaches, migraines, back pain, disc pain. I think it is also very helpful for when you just feel run-down or frantic, as all my clients who have tried it leave with an overwhelming sense of relaxed calm. For more information about CranioSacral, you can click here.

Neural Manipulation
Although this may sound like Chiropractic, it is VERY different. This is another gentle, manual technique developed by Dr. Jean Pierre Barral (like the Visceral Manipulation) which uses gentle palpation to feel for irritated individual nerves. Irritated nerves often send signals to muscles, skin, and blood vessels to contract and immobilize an area; they also send a pain signal to force you to rest an area. Gentle movements of the soft-tissues around the nerves can help them "slide and glide" better, and often relieve swelling, which can turn off pain and spasming relatively quickly. For more information about Neural Manipulation, click here.

Concussion Protocol
This protocol is based on a recent study by the Upledger Institute that found helpful results with a combination of CranioSacral techniques, Visceral Manipulation, and Neural Manipulation techniques. In addition to doing these techniques on you, I will also teach you several things you can do at home to help yourself. Recommended frequency is 10 sessions done as close together as can be scheduled. My personal preference is to wait at least 6 weeks post-injury. For more information, click here.

Oncology Massage
Gigi was trained in 2016 (but has been studying the research since 2008); this massage is safe for patients who are either undergoing or who have had radiation, chemotherapy, surgery.  A more thorough medical history is taken at the beginning of each session. Lighter pressures, alternate positioning, and more pillows are generally incorporated, making the client feel like they're floating on a fluffy cloud....  The protocols created by Tracy Walton & Associates are safe for other "medically fragile" patients as well.

Swedish/Esalen Massage
This is your rather "standard" massage with nice, relaxing benefits. Swedish massage relaxes muscles through pressure applied to the muscles and joints with soothing strokes returning blood to the heart. This increases oxygen flow and releases toxins built up in the muscles.

Trigger Point & Acupressure 
Trigger Point massage works the different muscles layers individually. The therapist works surface muscles, connective tissues and deeper ligaments. This type of massage is similar to acupressure, where pressure is placed on certain points of the body.

KinesioTape is a special elasticized tape that is especially good a reducing inflammation in an area, and also triggering a neuroreflexive effect (by decompressing pressure sensors in the skin) that "tricks" the brain into softening muscle spasms and decreasing pain. For more information about the technique in general, please see www.kinesiotaping.com.
Also, if you've been KinesioTaped and I forgot to give you the care instructions, click here for a copy. I became a Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner in March of 2010 but am no longer considered "certified", although I teach casual classes for the lay-person through surrounding community education programs.

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Will insurance pay for my massage?
If you have a medical referral, you might be eligible for reimbursement, depending upon your plan. Personal injury claims (such as auto) will often reimburse you for your sessions. I can provide you with a statement, copy of your notes, and a HCFA form which should help you receive reimbursement. As of 1/1/14, I will no longer send bills directly to insurance companies.

What if I have a health-care provider's referral?
A written referral from a doctor, therapist, chiropractor, etc. will convert the legal status of your session into a medically prescribed service. You will be exempt from paying sales tax on your service. You may qualify to use pre-tax dollars for your service (if you have a "cafeteria plan", HSA, or medical savings account). You will be able to count your massage sessions as part of your medical expenses on your taxes. So, it pays to get a referral!

Are there other ways to reduce the cost of my massage?
There are a few, easy ways to make your session more affordable:
1) Get a health-care provider's referral (see above) to make you sales tax exempt and income tax exempt for your session.
2) Bring in a competitor's coupon - I'll honor it's value (and any restrictions).
3) If you're really in a bind, click here:
sliding fee scale.
4) If you're in the armed forces, you are eligible for a 25% discount (unless eligible for a larger discount through the sliding fee scale (see above). Good on 60 or 75 minute sessions only. May not be combined with any other discounts or coupons.
5) "Starving college students" can have a 25% discount. Just show your current college ID. Good on 60 or 75 minute sessions only. May not be combined with any other discounts or coupons.
6) Buy 4 at once and get a $20 discount. May not be combined with other discounts or coupons. 4-packs are guaranteed for up to a year after purchase, and then convert to a credit on account after a year (also not eligible for additional discounts or coupons).

Do I need to take my clothes off?
Not always.  Although it is often easier to work directly on skin, the amount of clothing you need to remove depends largely on the extent and type of work you are receiving. I will discuss with you prior to your session if I will need to work directly on skin, or if you want to bring shorts, if you can stay fully clothed, etc. Men who have been referred by their health-care professional for work in the pelvic area may also wear an athletic cup supporter for modesty. You are covered the entire time by sheets; generally only the areas being worked are uncovered at the time. This helps you to relax and helps to keep you warm. The table is also heated on request to help keep you warm.

What is the best frequency of treatment?
This will vary, but here are some guidelines. If you are seeking massage treatment for remediation from a recent injury, I usually see you once or twice a week, depending on the severity of the pain or dysfunction. If we are doing a series of Connective Tissue Massage sessions, it is easiest to make changes with 4 weekly sessions. Visceral  and Neural Manipulation (tissue specific fascial release) works best if scheduled once every 2 to 3 weeks. For stress management, most people find that once a month suits their needs, but some come more frequently, especially if they are under a lot of stress.

Will therapy hurt?
If at any time the treatment you are receiving is causing you too much discomfort, ask me to stop or ease off for a few seconds. Be open and let me know how you are feeling and your session will be a lot more enjoyable and productive. The old adage "no pain no gain" is not relevant to massage therapy sessions you receive. Usually it is your physical condition or dysfunction (and not the massage) that is painful. You should feel better at the end of each session and the sessions will become more comfortable as your dysfunctions improve. After a session, you may feel some mild discomfort or muscle soreness for a few days until your body readjusts and heals itself. Drinking additional water to help flush tissues afterwards will help with the discomfort. You should call me if you have soreness that lasts for more than two days.

Is it safe to receive massage during pregnancy?
Not only is it safe, it is also very beneficial and comforting. Massage therapy can be received throughout the entire nine month pregnancy term. If you are experiencing complications during pregnancy, discuss your condition with your doctor or midwife first. I have special pads for my massage table that accommodate an extremely comfortable side-lying position.

Is it safe to receive massage during cancer treatment?
Current studies are showing much benefit to receiving massage during most cancer treatments. One study equated massage to a "respite from cancer care" without pokes from needles or pain. In general, massage is to be considered like light exercise; if your doctor has given you exercise restrictions, we will enforce similar restrictions during your massage session. If nothing else, we can do gentle acupressure and some energy work to help ease some discomfort. If you are in the middle of certain chemotherapy sessions, I (the practitioner) may need to wear gloves while working on your skin. Before receiving massage, you will need to get permission (and any restrictions) from your doctor.
  You may also want to print out a copy of this newsletter for yourself and your doctor  - click HERE for "Massage = Cancer Respite".

How much of my body will be massaged?
When the client is seeking treatment for a specific injury or condition, the entire session may focus on only a couple of areas. There may also be a need to work areas that are adversely affected by injuries, such as when a sprained ankle causes the opposite leg to bear all the body's weight and stress of walking. For relaxation massages, we will discuss and agree upon the areas to be massaged. A "full body massage" usually includes the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, buttocks/hips and back.  Some of the specialty techniques I do will work the chest,  abdomen, or pelvis, which I often work while the area remains covered with clothing or the sheets. If being massaged in certain areas causes you to feel uncomfortable, you should inform me and I will adjust the massage accordingly. You should never accept a touch that feels wrong in any way or feel pressured to offer an explanation for such sensitivity. 


I have a cold. Can I still receive my massage today?
Colds come and go, and therefore don't scare me. Unless you have had a fever, diarrhea, and/or vomiting within the last 12 hours, I am comfortable working on you. However, if you are just too achy, tired, or drippy to fully relax, it may be better to reschedule your appointment for later. When you are ill, massage can "condense" your symptoms, making you feel temporarily worse (but most clients report they get over their cold faster after a massage).  So, if you (or a family member) are too ill to keep your appointment, please call me as soon as possible to reschedule and I will waive the cancellation fee.

The weather is really bad outside. Should I reschedule?
Bottom line is if the St. Paul Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, so am I.  If the weatherman reports that "driving or temperatures could be dangerous", stay home and avoid being in an accident/outside. Just call me as soon as you think you can't make it, and I will reschedule you and waive the cancellation fee.


Where can I get copies of your relaxing music?
You can order many of them below by clicking
here, or go to www.stevencmusic.com.  He often has little parlor concerts, and these are often posted on his website.

Can I bring someone along?
If there is a care provider, or if I am working on a child, I prefer the "extra" person in the room for assistance (if necessary) and assurance. Babies under 4 months, who are accompanying their mothers, are often quite content to sit in my quiet corner.  If you need to bring a child who is willing to sit quietly, this can often work (instead of cancelling because you don't have a sitter). Quiet kids are welcome to watch DVDs or videos in my room. Extra adult-sized people often find that it becomes too warm in my small room to stay comfortably, and are welcome to read a book or watch the TV in a nearby waiting room. Please contact me in advance to let me know if you need to bring an extra person. 

Can massage help reduce stress levels?
According to medical studies anything that can help you relax will reduce your stress levels and massage is one of the most relaxing therapies you can receive. Many turn to massage to manage day to day stress. Massage therapy helps the problem naturally. Without using suppression chemicals to slow you down, massage therapists attempt to work with the whole person and try to help your body regain homeostasis, achieving a balance between the various systems of your body to allow natural healing to occur.

Do massage therapists have a Code of Ethics?
Yes, massage therapists adhere to the following code:
-We provide the best quality care to any one that seeks our professional help.
-We accept all clients without discrimination.
-We acknowledge the confidential nature of the professional relationship with a client and respect each client's right to privacy.
-We practice only the modalities in which we have been professionally trained and/or certified.
-We in no way participate or engage in any type of sexual activities with our client.
-We maintain a safe, clean and professional environment.

Are there different techniques in massage?
Yes, there are many different types of massage techniques. Swedish massage is the technique most widely known by massage therapists, but others are also trained in sports massage, aromatherapy massage, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, Thai massage or techniques named for their developer such as Upledger, Heller Work and Feldenkrais. I am trained in a variety of techniques which are outlined above.

What studies have been done on massage therapy?
Massage has been studied for its use with premature infants, adults who have recently experienced a heart attack or stroke, athletes who desire to increase their athletic performance and shorten recuperation time, victims of sexual abuse, grieving patients and those who have lost limbs or experience unusual pains. For some of the more recent studies involving massage, you can click HERE.

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 Payment Options (Note: some links below only show partial options - they are in the process of being updated. Thank you for your patience.)

I gladly accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment.  If you want to pay online, then please see the following options (note that one is sales-tax exempt with a medical referral, the other is subject to sales tax):

Gift Certificates

To see my latest specials, click HERE. You will be directed to a separate, accessory website.

You can purchase gift certificates easily with the PayPal button below. Simply click on the little pull-down menu, select what you want, then click the "Buy Now" button. You will be directed to PayPal's secure site where you can change the quantity of the item you'd like. Then follow PayPal's instructions. Once you have made your purchase, you can use a printed receipt as your gift certificate, or contact me with the recipients name and address and I will send a gift certificate to them, usually within 24 hours.

Please note: gift certificates are transferable, and are guaranteed for up to 90 days. After the 90 day expiration, they are redeemable for the actual cash value, but not refundable. 

To prepay services +/or purchase taxable services:
Pick a length of time
If gift, type instructions plz
To prepay services +/or purchase non-taxable services in possession of a current referral:
Pick a length of time
If gift, type instructions plz
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