Medical Massage for health


No tax with medical referral

Payment options

I gladly accept cash, check, and credit cards as payment. To see my latest specials, click HERE. You will be directed to a separate, accessory website (where some gift certificates are also available for purchase). Click on the button below to purchase standard gift certificates (note that one is sales-tax exempt with a medical referral, the other is subject to sales tax).

Please note: gift certificates are transferable, and are guaranteed for up to 90 days. After the 90 day expiration, they are redeemable for the actual cash value, but not refundable.  


Appointment times are offered Tuesdays through Saturdays. Starting times vary based on length of appointment. I generally only take four appointments per day, starting 8am through 1:45pm (ending by or before 4pm)

Later afternoon appointments available by arrangement. Early starts (i.e. 7:45am) are also possible by arrangement.

Click below to be taken to Gigi's google calendar. Please note it is not possible to schedule appointments from this calendar, only view busy times and see general notices about dates the office is closed and special events. 

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For new clients

To set up an appointment, contact Gigi directly (info can be found at the bottom of the Home Page). Please click the button below to be taken the new clients' page to access the client paperwork and additional information.

New Client Page

For returning clients

Please click on the button below to be taken to the returning clients' page and access booking from there.

Returning clients Page

When it's a good idea to cancel...


I have a cold. Can I still receive my massage today?

Colds come and go, and therefore don't scare me. Unless you have had a fever, diarrhea, and/or vomiting within the last 12 hours, I am comfortable working on you. However, if you are just too achy, tired, or drippy to fully relax, it may be better to reschedule your appointment for later. When you are ill, massage can "condense" your symptoms, making you feel temporarily worse (but most clients report they get over their cold faster after a massage). So, if you (or a family member) are too ill to keep your appointment, please call me as soon as possible to reschedule and I will waive the cancellation fee. 

The weather is really bad outside. Should I reschedule?

Bottom line is if the St. Paul Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, so am I.  If the weatherman reports that "driving or temperatures could be dangerous", stay home and avoid being in an accident/outside. Just call me as soon as you think you can't make it, and I will reschedule you and waive the cancellation fee. 

Gift Certificates

Below are two drop down menus. You can use them to either pre-pay for services or to purchase gift certificates. Please note that non-taxable services require a current referral from a medical professional.

**Gift Certificate prices charge the prices that are in effect 3/1/2019.

Taxable services gift certificates

Non-taxable services gift certificates