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Thank you for your interest in A Sensitive Touch.  

I am a family-supported operation providing a variety of medically oriented massage and manual therapy techniques in Woodbury, and also musician skills in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. My massage therapy practice is located in the CornerStone Medical Specialties Centre in Woodbury (see Contact Me page). You may notice that all of the services I provide require a certain level of art, skill and intuition. I believe that it is much easier to personalize my work using these three abilities.
When you become a client of A Sensitive Touch, you are guaranteed that:
1. Your needs will be heard
2. You will be treated professionally and respectfully
3. You will not be overcharged
4. You will be satisfied with your results and/or referred to a better match

Need to contact me? Click here for multiple options.

To see my availability, see the "New Client Welcome" page or the "Appointments" page (for established clients). You can also click here.

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Three or four times a year, I research a subject or inform my clients about the latest class I have taken.  For instance, to see a PDF of my latest newsletter (Nov 2018), click here

You can also click HERE to go to a separate website with archived newsletters that give more detailed information about some of the subjects I have studied or researched, and a handy webpage for getting massage while traveling abroad. For more information about some of the special techniques I use, visit the FAQ page.
Family Supported Business  

Gigi J. Decker, Owner and Chief Manual Therapist & Musician

Bill Decker, Marketing and Communications, Percussion
Ian Decker, "Toasty Secrefairy", Distribution Specialist, Saxophones and Woodwinds
Galen Decker, Domestic & Distribution Specialist
Halina Decker, "Assistant Toasty Secrefairy", Babysitting Specialist, Laundry Assistant & Distribution Specialist, Rice Sock Supplier
ClaireLeBear Decker, Morale Officer
Beardsley Decker, Morale Officer-in-Training

(please let me know if you are allergic to cats or dogs and I will try to avoid the morale officers before coming to work)


Here is what has also been said about some of my work:

"Worth a million bucks!" J.H.

"Regularly educational!" C.T.

"For the first time in probably 2 years I don't have a knot in my back. THANKS!  I feel 5 years younger". T.D.

"It is unbelievable how much better I actually feel - like a Godsend really". K.R.

"Just want to let you know that I experienced a lot of pain relief to right lower back and hip after yesterday's session.  So grateful!" - J.S.

"Thanks for the CS [CranioSacral] session! My neck is feeling better and moving with less restriction. My mind is not as muddled. I hope you continue taking CS training!" - J.M.

"You found spots that hurt I didn't know I had". W.D., C.T., B.R., S.D., D.G., S.K., etc.

"Gigi,   I wanted to let you know that the massage techniques you've shown me have really helped my son.  He's complaining less of his neck hurting, along with severity. We're finally working out those knots in his neck.  He actually went to bed tonight without ice on his neck-first time in over a year.  He also went to a friend's cabin that had very stiff beds. My son came home "crying out" for a massage. I gave him a full back, neck, and arm and he was so relieved. He's already asked when can he come back to see you:).  Thank you so much and I've told several people about his positive turn-around. Not too mention a mom who knows she can help her child feel better.  -J.E."

"Worth the price of admission.  -B.M."

Want to review me? Click on one of the following links to take you to some of the internet listings of my business:
Merchant Circle


Music Services 

As a musician myself, I understand the important of open breath and good posture for ALL musicians, and two of the techniques I practice are especially good for opening up the ribs.  If you're seeing me for massage therapy, I also promise to play only quality music during your session.

Musically, I am available as a solo pianist/keyboardist for weddings, parties, and other rites of passage. I can also arrange for small ensembles of friends and family members to create a jazzy mood, classical ambiance, or a fun ragtime party. I can currently be heard on Sunday mornings at Woodbury Baptist Church (2nd and 4th Sundays), and Mounds Park Church (all others). I also regularly accompany a beautiful soprano, Irene Saponara-Gottwalt; she and I can offer a large variety of musical styles.

For more information about my musical ventures, click on
"Moms Who Cook". There is a sample of my playing on that website.

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