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An Important Announcement...

Dear clients, I hope you are all doing well and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy during this global health crisis. 

Given the Governor's state of emergency "stay at home", all massages are discontinued until at least 6/1/20 (Emergency Executive Order 20-56  dated May 13, 2020 ). There will be some extra time needed to reset my space and schedule, which may push my re-open date a little later than others.

Sadly, massage falls under "other public accommodations", and my office will remain closed until restrictions are lifted.

For more information about the Stay Home orders, and when the lifting of restrictions might occur, please see this website:


In the meantime, please read my latest newsletter : 

May 2020, "Massage in the Time of COVID"

Also, please help yourself to this new self-help resource that I've created. It is a "work in progress" but has a lot of good information already that could be helpful to you. Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think would benefit from the knowledge.

Please keep all the care providers who are on the front lines of this pandemic in your thoughts and prayers; they will need it. Please know I am deeply grateful to you for your continued support and thank you for maintaining that support as the world works to stem the tide of this virus.

My community of massage therapists and I will  "do what we can to continue to be a beacon of humanity and compassion mobilizing our hearts and minds as we do what’s right until it is safe to return to the important work we do with our (always thoroughly washed) hands." (~Healwell)

 Stay well, and I'll be "in touch" soon!  #flattenthecurve


Thank you for your interest in A Sensitive Touch

I am a family-supported operation providing a variety of medically oriented massage and manual therapy techniques in the St Paul and the eastern suburbs. My massage therapy practice is located in the CornerStone Medical Specialties Centre in Woodbury. You may notice that all of the services I provide require a certain level of art, skill, and intuition. I believe that it is much easier to personalize my work using these three abilities.

When you become a client of A Sensitive Touch, you are guaranteed that:
1. Your needs will be heard
2. You will be treated professionally and respectfully
3. You will not be overcharged
4. You will be satisfied with your results and/or referred to a better match  


About Us


Well-rounded being

Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business

Gigi is also a musician and understands the need and potential for healing in all areas.


Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business

I am a family-supported operation and a small business. We are members of this community.


Experienced Knowledge

Family Owned Business

Experienced Knowledge

Gigi has been doing massage since 1986 and has constantly sought to expand her knowledge.

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Fascial Work

Gigi specializes in working with fascia, the tissue that surrounds muscles and other organs. She utilizes a wide variety of medical massage techniques in order to customize care to best fit clients' health needs. 

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